Customer Expectations in Banking

With today’s technology, information is available at the speed of light at people’s fingertips, making nearly everyone expect more. Banking customers expect immediacy and efficiency with a touch of personalization in their financial services.

Whitney Besser | July 13, 2017
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The Evolution of Banking

Banks are one of the oldest, and most important businesses of our industries. Banks have two important economic functions, the first being financial intermediation.

Yvonne Kwan | July 05, 2017
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Ethical Banking

Ethical banking is defined as a banking system that embraces socially and environmentally conscious practices.

Yvonne Kwan | June 30, 2017
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Financial Data Security

According to Info Security Magazine, “About 83% of consumers believe their banks are secure from cyber attack and trust it with their money and most sensitive data too.”

Whitney Besser | June 29, 2017

Peer-to-Peer Lending Vs. Bank Lending

Do you need to borrow money? Traditionally, people have turned to their local bank to take out a loan for a range of commodities like a house, car, or even a luxury vacation.

Whitney Besser | June 14, 2017
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What Banks Should Learn From the Demise of Retail Store Fronts

The narrative of the struggling retail industry should be watched carefully by banks.

Yvonne Kwan | June 7, 2017
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Zikher’s Usability Study

A usability study was conducted to test customer satisfaction derived from the use of digital lending platforms, particularly Zikher’s platform.

Whitney Besser | June 24, 2017
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What is Fintech & Its Benefits?

Fintech is reshaping the way financial services take place in the 21st century.

Nanette Thompson | May 17, 2017
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Advantages of Mobility in Banking

Advantages of Mobility in Banking include: Customers can perform transactions securely on mobile and web apps, and multiple security checks are in place.

Yvonne Kwan | May 10, 2017
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Steps of the Loan Process Explained for Millennials

As millennials are establishing their place in the economy, more are borrowing money to purchase cars, houses, etc.

Whitney Besser | May 3, 2017
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Why Collaboration Between Banks and Fintech is the Right Step Forward

A few years back, it was predicted that fintech would make banks slowly disappear. Industry professionals predicted that 40% of revenues and 60% of retail bank profits were threatened by fintech rivals.

Yvonne Kwan | April 26, 2017
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Meet Zikher’s Team!

Meet Zikher’s team! Our team is a group of unique and determined individuals who bring many different talents to the table.

Whitney Besser | April 20, 2017
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Anticipated Trends in Fintech

The rapid growth of fintech continues to grow in 2017 thanks to fintech investment and technology advancements.

Whitney Besser | April 12, 2017

How Changing Consumer Needs Are Shaping Financial Services

Technological innovation led by fintech companies is shaping consumer expectations and demands in the financial industry.

Whitney Besser | April 05, 2017

Will Fintech Require Regulation?

Fintech is a rapidly evolving sector that has increasingly drawn the attention of many regulators.

Whitney Besser & Yvonne Kwan | March 29, 2017

Community Banks & Their Benefits

Community banks are a solution for people who are looking for full banking services in their suburbs or towns. Legally speaking, community banks keep it simple.

Whitney Besser | March 16, 2017
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Zikher Will Participate in Queen City FinTech Accelerator!

Zikher Will Participate in Queen City FinTech Accelerator!  Zikher is excited to announce its participation in Queen City FinTech among a class of financial technology startups!

Whitney Besser & Yvonne Kwan | March 14, 2017

Credit Unions & Their Benefits

If you’re wondering what credit unions are and want to know everything about them, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whitney Besser | March 08, 2017

Millennials vs. Traditional Banking

Millennials are looking for banks that will give them that personal touch of banking and will judge banks based on their digital capabilities.

Jessican Huynh | March 01, 2017

Financial technology Small banking fintech banking industry Dodd-Frank Act Dodd-Frank Repeal Pros & Cons: Repeal of The Dodd-Frank Act

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 is a financial reform legislation passed by the Obama administration to decrease risks in the country’s financial system, in response to the financial crisis of 2008.

Yvonne Kwan | February 22, 2017

How Fintech is Emerging

FinTech is at the forefront of the technological revolution in the banking industry, reshaping the status quo.

Whitney Besser | February 15, 2017
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Creating a Bank of the Future

The financial services industry has been impacted by the increased use of technology in our everyday lives, from smartphones to even wearables.

Jessica Huynh | February 08, 2017

Blockchain in Banking

Everyone is talking about the new technology in the fintech industry, blockchain. Banks are competing to harness its power, believing that it can cut costs and transform the industry.

Yvonne Kwan | February 04, 2017

Oligarchies of Banking Technology

About 96% of today’s market is controlled by only four core banking vendors: FIS, Fiserv, Jack Henry, and D+H. The remaining 4% of the market is comprised of small, niche, and foreign vendors.

Whitney Besser | January 26, 2017

Banking Industry Under the New Presidency

With President- elect Donald Trump soon to be in the office, many are wondering how the banking industry will be affected by his presidency.

Jessica Huynh | January 18, 2017

Challenges of the Small Banking Industry in the 21st Century

Evidently there is an evolving small banking industry in the 21st century due to regulatory pressure and increased competition with fintech companies.

Megan Gospe | November 22, 2016
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Corporate banking and the challenges of technological innovations for the small banking industry

Throughout the years it has become more evident that small banks must catch up to current technological innovations.

Megan Gospe | October 16, 2016